Candle Care

I want to share some bits of information with you to ensure you get the most out of your candle!

  • Remember to remove your dust cover(s) before burning your candle
  • I know, I know. Everyone tells you to trim your wick and you probably never do. But it really is important to ensure the best fragrance throw as well as keeping your flame to a safe size. Always keep your wick trimmed to about 1/4" above your wax.
  • Be sure the first time you burn your candle you allow about an hour so your candle can reach a wax pool across almost the entire top. This will ensure your next burns don't continue to tunnel and bury your wick.
  • When you have just a half inch of wax left in the bottom of your vessel, your candle is sadly gone and should be extinguished. Don't forget to reuse your vessel! Let your wax harden and use a paper towel to clean the wax out. Be careful not to touch the outside of the vessel with the wax, it will stain the un-sealed outside. Nudge the metal clip off the bottom and you've got a cute little vessel to reuse!

*If you ever notice your flame getting really small, and maybe even self-extinguishing, it's likely your wick needs to be trimmed. Simply wait for your wick (& wax) to cool and use either your fingers or wick snips to trim the burnt part off.